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INOCON - Applications - Industry

Packaging machines and materials handling

Conveyor-belt superstructures - consisting of tubes and clamps, e.g. for assembly of cameras, sensors, ink-jet-encoder, encoder systems, labelling systems and so on. Linear units installed horizontally can be used for a simple position adjustment of the run through widths of guiding systems.

Side guidances and conveyor-belt constructions for materials handling technology and packaging machines construction: clamps offer a stable, flexible and well-priced possibility for mounting of fixed or adjustable sideways guidances on conveyor-belts, also in connection with aluminium profiles.

Gripping technique

This application is used by robotics as a gripping hand to automatised convey and deposit the subjacent metal sheet for further processing. The variety of the tube connection system becomes impressively obvious here: at first there is a connection from square to round tube in diameter 30 mm, then we have a change from diameter 30 mm to 12 mm, which is adequate for the mounting of the vacuum cup.

This construction is for automatic unloading gripper with a fixed middle axis, as applied in sheet- and plastics industry. In addition to the directed adapting of vacuum cups on the clamping parts, this picture shows also the favourable opportunity for wire guidance within and alongside of the used tubes.

Labelling- and marking technique

Universal fixture systems, e.g. for camera inserts, label printer and bar code scanner. The whole range of the tube connection system comes into operation here. For light cameras the clamps of the compact construction unit from 10-18 mm is adequate.

two-axle print-head adjustment by means of linear units diameter 18 mm. Millimetre accurately metering of the position directly at the hand wheel is possible with position indicators. The further mounting is effected by square tube in this application. As apparent on the every picture, aluminium clamps are not only stable, but on demand also optically especially appealing by surface finishings, such as powder-coating in black and orange here.

Sensor holders

Sensor holders with an internal wiring in a mechanical production unit for scanning of the machined part.

The new sensor holders make a universal use of sensors possible on the base of our complete assembly kit. Shown here is an modified strap clamp. By this a variety of sensor diameters are simply to be mounted and positions to be fixed. The aluminium- and stainless steel-holders provide for a high stability and vibration absorption. The wire can be protected of damages by a laying within the tube.