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INOCON – clamps and linear units – the universal assembly kit for machine constructors

This flexible modular system allows you to easily design custom-made, variable structures such devices, racks and brackets for your special applications. Therefore, we offer you clamp connectors, linear units and extensive accessories.

Clamp connectors and clamp mountings are available in a diameter range of 8-60 mm for round tubes and 10-50 mm for square tubes. Designs such as cross, flange, pedestal flange, angle, pipe clamp, sleeves, straps, joints and sensor holders allow universal design possibilities. Aluminum casting parts are supplied as standard with vibratory ground or sandblasted surface. In addition, surface finishing such as powder coating, sandblasting, ball polishing and anodizing are possible. There is matching solution for every application here!

Stainless should it be? Stainless steel clamp connectors for round tubes of the types cross, foot, flange and angle in diameters 12-20 mm and 30 mm and 50 mm are also part of our assortment. In addition to the standard versions, a sealed version is available, which is suitable for special applications in the food and pharmaceutical industry.

What is clamped? We supply as an accessory, the matching round and square precision tubes cuttings with inner and outer deburring, in galvanized steel, anodized aluminum / mill finish or stainless steel ex stock. In addition, adjustable clamping levers, caps and swivel feet, etc. are part of the ever-growing range.

Looking for a simple adjustment? We present our proven linear units - these are simple units on tube base - for manual position adjustment or height adjustment, resp. width adjustment. These are available as right- or left-hand thread, right- and left-hand threads as well as a split design. Basically single-tube and double-tube linear units are to be distinguished, both of which are available in tube diameters of 18, 30, 40, 50 and 60 mm.

It is urgent? Standard lengths of single-tube linear units are even available from stock! But it is precisely the millimeter accurate interpretation of customer applications that is part of our daily business.

In the application examples, you can be inspired by the countless possibilities of our product range! We can assist you in realizing your ideas by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone +49-2226-909870!

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