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Accessories for clamp connectors


Tube Clamp Connectors and Linear Units – The universal assembly parts for machine builders

The clamp connector assortment offers a comprehensive range of accessories:

Clamping levers KLH:

Instead of internal or external hexagon screws, adjustable clamping levers for frequent adjustments are a practical alternative (without the use of tools). For this purpose, the levers can be adjusted by a serration in the best possible clamping position.

These clamping levers KLH are available either with thread in burnished steel or stainless steel, the levers are made of slide-ground die-casting unpainted or painted black or orange.

Tubes ROH:

For all clamp connector diameters, we also supply the matching precision tubes as cut to size with internal and external de-burring in the following materials:

  • Galvanized steel (SVRU / SVVK)
  • Aluminum mill finished (ALRU / ALVK) or anodized (AERU / AEVK)
  • Stainless steel (EDRU / EDPK)

Cover caps ADK:

Plastic tube plugs for tube ends for round and square tubes.

Cover caps with threaded insert ADG:

Plastic tube plug with threaded insert for round and square pipes, for receiving joint feet, e.g. for tables or other stands.

Adjustable foot GSF:

The height-adjustable plastic plates for leveling are very variable using a ball joint and are used for screwing in caps with threaded bush ADG.

Accessories for clamp connectors

Accessories for clamp connectors

Overview clamps accessories

For all clamp diameters we supply the according precision tubes as pre-cut with inside- and outside deburring in the following materials, round and square:


  • steel galvanised
  • Aaluminium nature or anodic treated
  • stainless steel
Adjustment levers:
as an alternative to screws you can use adjustable levers (no tools necessary). Therefore the lever is turned into the right clamping position by a serration.
The levers are available unpainted or black / orange coated, as well as with steel browned or stainless steel thread.
Tube stoppers ADK: for closing of tube ends (round):
Tube stoppers ADK: for closing of tube ends (angular):
Adjustable feet ADG:
The plastic plates are adjustable in heights for levelling and furthermore very flexible applicable by means of a ball joint. They are used to be screwed in tube stoppers ADG.