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INOCON - Products - Linear Units Single Tube

Linear Units Single Tube - adjusting spindles with hand wheel

Simple tube-based spindle axis for manual or electrical position adjustment of your application, e.g. for format adjustment, as height adjustment or width adjustment on production lines.

Our range includes steel and stainless steel variants in tube diameters ΓΈ 18, 30, 40, 50 and 60 mm as well as □ 30, 40, 50 mm for a wide variety of tasks.

In these adjusting spindles with hand wheel, a trapezoidal threaded spindle with a guide nut is ball-bearing mounted in a guide tube, a guide element moves on the tube over the stroke area via a carrier.

As guide element there are a variety of different models available for various arrangements.

Linear units on square tube base are designed for special torsionally loaded guide elements!

Four types can be distinguished:

Right or left hand thread:
The guide element moves by operation of the hand wheel to the left or right
Right and left hand thread:
2 guide elements move by operation of the hand wheel symmetrically towards or away from each other
Split spindle:
2 guide elements move by operation of one hand wheel per side completely independent from each other
Telescopic adjustment:
The linear unit is guided by an outer tube, so that no guide element is needed
Telescopic adjustment
The order code for single tube linear units is structured as follows:
INOCON Linear Unit Standard
R / V
round / square
S / E
Steel / Stainless Steel
18-60 tube diameter:
ΓΈ 18, 30, 40, 50 und 60 mm sowie □ 30, 40, 50 mm
1-9 Spindle versions:
1 = right-hand thread, 1 shaft
2 = left-hand thread, 1 shaft
3 = right-hand thread, 2 shafts
4 = left-hand thread, 2 shafts
5 = right and left hand thread, 1 shaft
6 = right and left hand thread, 2 shafts
7 = 1x right and 1x left-hand thread (split), 2 shafts
8 = 2x right-hand thread (split), 2 shafts
9 = 2x left-hand thread (split), 2 shafts
1 ball bearing
500 tube lengths in mm
stroke in mm
V1 = one-sided extended shaft / V2 = double-sided extended shaft

CAD Data of the Linear Units Single Tubes
Overview CAD Data